Social Media Marketing is Essential for the Success of your Business Online

by on March 17, 2015

Some entrepreneurs think that it is a waste of money to invest in social media marketing as the effects of this type of marketing campaign is short lived. According to few, this craze is just a passing hype and will die down very soon. However, the ones that have derived benefits from it believe otherwise. The same holds true for marketers engaged in search engine optimization in Auckland (Down Under) or any other part of the globe.

As per reports from reliable sources, at least 92% of online marketers have benefited immensely from social media marketing in 2014 alone. This very group also voted for the same claiming that their social media marketing efforts increased web traffic by as much as 80% to their websites.

However, there is a sect of entrepreneurs that understand the potential of this marketing technique but exactly don’t know how to go about the same. This was proved as per study conducted by Social Media Examiner, that reported that although 97% want to actively get involved in this ‘phenomenon’ but around 85% are not aware of the ways in which so much benefit can be derived from this marketing tool.


Here we will find out why you need social media marketing (SMM) for the success of your online business. So, read on.

  • Improvement in brand image

One of the main reasons why you will need SMM strategies is that it will improve brand recognition. The social media platforms are the best avenues through which you can reach out to people and prospective leads.

  • Rate of conversion is increased

The more viewership your products get, the better it is for your business. It is quite likely that more number of online visitors will get converted into consumers. And the best way to target your audience is increasing number of followers and following, regardless of whether they visit you through an image, a video, content or RSS feedback.

  • Direct interaction

Given the fact that there are many social media platforms and micro blogging website, you can make inroads into the consumer market and also get feedback from your clients about your products and services by interacting directly. This will enable you to improve or rather work upon your products.

  • Minimal marketing costs and effort

Another report indicated that around 84% of the marketers found out that they were required to put in as little as 6/7 hours of effort in this marketing campaign in order to get increased web traffic. Also, if you can devote around 2 hours for content every day, you can derive immense benefits to improve your web visibility. All you have to do is stay abreast with the latest developments that take place in this field and update your knowledge and move with the times so that you don’t lag behind in the competition.

  • Get a better place in search engine ratings

One of the main benefits of social media marketing is that your website gets a better place to occupy in the search engine rankings.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, a rich customer experience is another factor why you need to implement social media marketing strategies for your online business.