Tips for Successful Flyer Design Use Print & Design Companies

by on December 13, 2014

To advertise your products and services quickly to a specific audience, nothing beats the graphic design, print and distribution of flyers!

However, designing a flyer and distribute it requires a large organization and real expertise. Today, we are going to guide you with the distribution and creation of flyers through a series of tips.
For the perfect flyer campaign, follow them carefully and we recommend using the services of a print and design company!

Specify your needs

Like any business, creating a flyer should be part of an overall strategy. Above all, you will need to define your current needs and determine how your flyer will best meet those needs.

Is it to celebrate the opening of your store? To launch a new product? To talk about an event you are organizing?

Your flyer must answer a current problem for your business, and follow a concrete goal. Without this, there is a good chance that you will lose time and money in a futile action of communication.

Determine your target

The design of a flyer can be done without having first determined your target. Any good designer should be required to know the precise target of the advertiser before proposing a visual for the flyer. Indeed, the message of the flyer, as its visual, must be designed to reach a specific target.

Depending on the method used for sending your flyer and the target, you will adapt its visual and information offered accordingly.

Prioritise information

Now that you have clearly defined your targets and your goals you should work the message of the flyer. The design of the flyer will indeed require some commercial fiber so that the message is clear and encourages the prospects to purchase. It will be necessary to list the different information you want to deliver (address, slogan, commercial offers, etc.), and then prioritize them by importance.

Create a flyer necessarily require to be concise and to deliver correct information. Make sure you highlight the most important data and do not miss any information!

Encourage the purchase

Consider making your flyer a commercial tool and not a simple informative flyer. To do this, post a message that directly affects the target, and encourages it to perform an action.

Using a direct hook (“Discover”, “Do not miss”, etc.) and encourage a specific action. Your message will be more prescriptive and your flyer will have an impact.

Create urgency

For an effective flyer, it should create an emergency purpose. Indeed, if you merely deliver a message, there is a good chance that the target does not feel directly concerned.

On the other hand, if you urge for immediate action, by an emergency call to action your flyer as more chance to trigger reactions. A good way to create an emergency effect is a promotion or discount limited time. If the presentation of the flyer allows your target to reap the benefits (promotion, free product, etc.), people will be more inclined to keep the flyer, and thus to respond to your call to action.

Look after your Design

Naturally, flyer design requires real graphic skills. Besides the importance of the message, the visual will attract leads. Caring for the design of your flyer will also show the seriousness of your business.

In contrast, a neat little video will give a bad image of your business, and do not encourage reading or purchase. For this reason, it is recommended to go through a professional graphic designer to design a flyer as well as for well-designed print material .

Use your graphics and branding

In addition to the choice of a neat visual, remember that creating a flyer must respect the branding of your business. This naturally involves the choice of colors, but also by the fact to incorporate your company logo and slogan.

Consider using the graphic of your company for each print flyer will allow you to impose your identity, and you get recognized as a brand. With this, even the prospects who have not responded directly to your call to action will remember your company.

Test your flyer

Printing a flyer in large quantities requires a certain budget. Better to be sure of the quality of the flyer before going for a rush. So remember to always test the layout of your flyer before. Indeed, it would be a shame to discover that your flyer is not convincing after printing it!

This also applies to the spelling and layout: always reread your flyers, and have re-read by others to avoid any mistakes. Before printing your brand material, make sure that your designer has complied a bunch of recommendations for the printer.

Look after your print

Your design has been carefully designed and tested on its target, there will not be a step to perfect your flyer design after printing it with Web Wizards Perth Print and Design. Indeed, in order for your flyer to look as professional as possible, you should choose a professional printer, and choose a suitable support. Depending on the quality of the selected paper, your flyer will be more or less